Is it possible to connect a fridge in the garage? (2023)

Is it safe to turn on a refrigerator in the garage?

Unless you live in a climate with constant temperatures year-round and they are within the manufacturer's recommended operating temperature range for the device.Using a regular fridge in the garage is a bad idea.

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Is it bad for a fridge in a cold garage?

The answer is yes! Winter weather is not ideal for most types of devices.Low temperatures can cause equipment to freeze, crack, or explode.

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How do you keep a fridge running in a cold garage?

fridge warmers

If the temperature in your garage drops below freezing, your garage refrigerator thermostat may think it's cold enough and shut off. To fix this problem, you mustHeat the air around the thermostat.. One option is to install a heating coil around the thermostat.

Does a refrigerator in the garage need its own circuit?

This will prevent an electrical surge as the existing wiring will not be able to handle the extra power. Remember that even if you don't put your freezer or refrigerator in your garage,Freezers must still be on their own 120 volt circuit.

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How to know if a refrigerator is suitable for the garage?

Garage-optimized freezers often include "Garage Ready" in the name or may mention this feature to let you know they are garage-optimized..

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Can I operate a garage box with an extension cord?

It is not recommended to connect a refrigerator to an extension cord.. Refrigerators are heavy equipment and require proper functioning of their circuit. If you must use an extension cord, make sure it's made specifically for high-power equipment, is the correct gauge, and is rated for outdoor use if necessary.

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Can you leave a fridge unplugged in the garage in the winter?

Yes, you can store an unplugged refrigerator in an unheated garage, but that might not make sense.. Additionally, the refrigerator's internal components can be damaged if the garage reaches freezing temperatures.

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Do garage fridges work in winter?

Most refrigerators are only rated to operate in environments between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.Some manufacturers offer a garage kit, but this will still allow your refrigerator to operate in ambient temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit..

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Does a fridge in the garage use more electricity?

A refrigerator in an uninsulated garage uses a lot more energy during the hot summer months and may not function properly if the temperature drops too low.A 90 degree environment consumes 45-50% more energy than a 70 degree environment..

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Why does my fridge in my garage keep triggering the GFCI outlet?

That isusually caused by multiple devices plugged into the same circuit. To prevent this from happening, make sure your fridge has its own electrical circuit, which you can do by plugging it into a different outlet and see if it still trips.

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Does the fridge in the garage need a GFCI?

In an unfinished garage or basement of a residential unit,the refrigerator must have a GFCI circuit. In fact, ALL outlets in garages and unfinished basements must be GFCI. See 210.8(A)(2) and Appendix 210.10.

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Should a garage refrigerator be plugged into a GFCI outlet?

However, GFCIs are prone to a phenomenon called "phantom tripping," which means that they will sometimes turn the circuit on and off with normal daily voltage fluctuations. SoFreezers and refrigerators should never be connected to GFCI.

Is it possible to connect a fridge in the garage? (2023)
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